Delivery Information

Shipping/Delivery Information:

When your are checking out you will see blanks for both "SHIP TO" and "BILL TO". Use "SHIPPING ADDRESS" for the address you would like us to ship your order to.
Use "BILLING ADDRESS" for the address that YOUR CREDIT CARD COMPANY HAS ON FILE FOR YOU!! In many cases this will be the same.
It is important to note that part of your security process requires the correct address information from the credit card holder. If an address other than the address that your credit card company has on file for you is entered into the "BILLING ADDRESS" the "SECURE NETWORK" MAY REJECT the order. This is to protect you!
For example: If you are ordering a gift for your Father who lives in Texas and you would like the gift sent to him, type his address into "SHIPPING ADDRESS" then type your address into "BILLING ADDRESS"
Or: Let's say you're are a fellow Michigander and you are wintering over in Florida (lucky dog) and you need some golf supplies, then type your Florida address into "SHIPPING ADDRESS", but if your credit card company has your Michigan address on file, type your Michigan address into "BILLING ADDRESS".
To prevent shipping errors always double check you address information. Of course if WE make a mistake we will pay for re-shipping your order. But if you give us the wrong information it will be on you to re-ship the order!
There are some "cross-checks" to help prevent shipping errors but it is always best to "double" check!
As stated in our mission we only charge for shipping. We do not believe that our customers should be charged a " handling fee".
Our published shipping costs are for the Contiguous United States only! WE will quote a shipping price for our Customers requesting shipments outside of the Contiguous United States.
For the most part The Actual mechanism for billing is as follows: There is a minimum FLAT RATE charge of $4.50, for a few items an additional 35 cents is added for each 1 pound of shipping weight. In most cases we have entered "0" as the weight for a product, so that you will not be charged any additional shipping cost for the items you have purchased and the shipping cost remains at the flat rate.
And just to make it even a little better "WE WILL REFUND ANY AMOUNT OF SHIPPING COST OVER $10.00! So no matter how large your order the most you will pay for shipping is $10.00 dollars! However, we do reserve the right to bill additional shipping for oversize items, items requiring additional handling and closeout/display items.
 We hope that you find this to be fair and equitable.
Thanks for taking a little time to understand the shipping mechanism. Once you get a handle on ordering over the web you begin to wonder why we didn't have this convenience around sooner!!
As many of our regular customers would attest; It's very nice to just pop on and order our supplies from home (or the office), knowing you are getting a fair shake and consistently great service.
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